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  • 1. Training Level 1 or initiation. +

    This reprises are the initial phase of basic training. They are used in the tests for horses 4 years old, pre-children class riders and additional tests. This training includes:

    Pre-children’s Preliminary
    Pre-children’s Team
    Single pre-children
    Children's Preliminary
    Preliminary 4 years
    Final four years
    Promotion 1.

  • 2. Training two or elemental level. +

    Suitable for the second year of training, are used in the tests for five years horses, jockeys and Child class and additional tests. This training includes:

    Children’s Team
    Single Children
    Preliminary 5 years
    5 years Final
    Promotion 2.

  • 3. Training Level 3 or basic. +

    Is the level of training required for any use of a riding horse. It is used to test for riders of cadet category, tests for ponies, and additional tests. This training includes:

    : Pony Preliminary
    Pony Teams
    Pony Individual
    Promotion 3.

  • 4. Training level 4 or medium level. +

    At this level, the colection appears in all three airs, and is preparing for the St. George level. It is used in the tests for horses 6 years, Junior category riders and additional tests. This training includes:

    Preliminary 6 years
    6 years Final
    Preliminary J
    J Equipment
    J Individual
    Promotion 4.

  • 5. Training Saint George or medium level - advanced. +

    These reprises are the middle stage of training. They consist of exercises that demonstrate the horse's submission to the demands of the performance of classical equitation and a level of balance and physical and mental development, which will allow its implementation with harmony, lightness and ease. Includes reprises:

    Preliminary YR
    YR Equipment
    Saint George

  • 6. Reprise Intermediate I - Reprise relatively advanced level. +

    The purpose of this training is to be putting the horse progressively and without damage to your body, from the correct performance of St. George level at the most demanding exercises of Intermediate II. :

    Internediate I

  • 7. Intermediate II Reprise - Reprise advanced level. +

    The purpose of this training is to prepare the horses for the Gan Prix.:

    Internediate II

  • 8. Grand Prix - The highest level Reprise. +

    Grand Prix is a competition of the highest level, which show the perfect light horse, characterized by the absence of resistance and the comprehensive development drive. The reprises include all the airs of school and all the fundamental exercises Classical High School, from which the air is not part artificial, based on the extreme extension of the interiors. For this reason, school jumps, no longer practiced in many countries, not on the test.

    Reprise Grand Prix

  • 9. Grand Prix Special - Reprise of the same level as the Grand Prix. +

    This is an artistic equestrian competition like the Grand Prix, although slightly shorter and more concentrated, where especially the transitions become important.

    Reprise Grand Prix Special

  • 10. The Free reprise Kür. +

    This is a competition of artistic riding previous levels to Grand Prix. Includes all airs and all the fundamental exercises in each level dressage. The rider is, however, absolutely free in the manner and mode of presentation chosen, within a fixed time. The test should clearly show the rapport between rider and horse as well as harmony in all the movements and transitions. Includes reprises:

    Kür Ponys
    Kür Young
    YR Kür
    Kür Intermediate I
    Grand Prix Kür.

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