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Convocatoria Asamblea General

- 30 Noviembre 2018 -

Por la presente se les informa que el próximo día 30 de Noviembre tendrá lugar la asamblea general del Club correspondiente a la presente anualidad en horario de 18 horas en primera convocatoria y a las 18.15 en segunda.


1.- Lectura y aprobación, si procede, del acta anterior.
2.- Elección, si procede, de algún miembro de la junta directiva.
3.- Cuentas anuales (liquidación de ingresos y gastos del 2013).
4.- Calendario de competiciones previstas para el 2015
5.- Ruegos y preguntas


Benissa a 13 de Noviembre de 2018

Ridding School


In   CLUB HIPICO BENISSA.  Courses are available for levels from beginner to intermediate / advanced. Our offer provides a wide range to suit the needs of riders.


clases equitacion

  • The primary point of the lessons we teach from the average level of  dressage.
  • One of the points we emphasize in relation to education is related to horse management and horse care.
  • Classes has a duration of 1 hour.
  • Classes for beginners on the lunge are given in groups of maximum three people.
  • There is also the possibility of hiring individual classes..
  • We have instructors at riding techniques for teaching classes.
  • Classes are given in several languages..



The minimum age for attendance is 5 years.

We also make promotional workshops for people who want to get closer to horses. Regularly we offer such courses completely free of charge, and whose dates are provided by the sports department of Benissa Municipality (Polideportivo San Pere Palau). .